RptCompMeas Enhances Tieto’s Resource Management

Tieto, the leading IT service company in Northern Europe providing IT and product engineering services, uses RptCompMeas to live up to resource management challenges.

Tieto provides highly specialized IT solutions and services that help its local and global customers gain significant business benefits.

In June 2008, Tieto and Osuuspankkikeskus teamed up to integrate and reorganize OP-Pohjola Group’s hosting services. At that time, Osuuspankki was using RptCompMeas, and in order to unify reporting procedures, the application was adopted for other FD customers as well.

”Later the same year, we began to make preparations for adopting RptCM for the purpose of monitoring Pohjola and Ilmarinen customer segments as well,” Tellervo Korpi, Unit Manager at Tieto said.

Versatility is a Valuable Asset

According to Korpi, the versatility of the CompMeas solution was one of the factors influencing the choice of resource management application.

” RptCM provides us with trend reports on the Mainframe segments and their technical components. In addition, RptCM produces cumulative data that we need in order to create analyses that meet our needs,” Korpi explained.

According to Korpi, the most essential feature of RptCM from Tieto’s perspective is the Excel application that converts data into graphs. ”The graphs give a quick idea of the state of the capacity.”

RptCM also offered a solution for long-term monitoring of Mainframe resources. ”The application has met our trend reporting needs. It has also been useful in solving capacity management problems.”

Easy-to-use Solution

According to Korpi, Tieto has been satisfied with CompMeas and the usability of the application.

”There has been no need to make modifications to the application, not even in change situations. Only change of equipment required changing a certain parameter table. Even system changes, in other words new versions, have not required any effort from our part to modify the application.”

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