Significant Cost Savings for Logica through Continuous Reporting

The international IT service company Logica relies on RptCompMeas to optimise its mainframe capacity management and sizing.

Logica provides business consulting, systems integrating and outsourcing services to its clients. The company’s client-base consists of several leading European enterprises and public sector players.

Esa Paunonen, who has been working as a Business Unit Director at Logica since 2005, has over sixteen years of experience of using CompMeas. ”I have been using the CompMeas software in my work long before I came to Logica.”

Regular Monitoring Identifies Bottlenecks

Paunonen is responsible for mainframe computer capacity management and sizing. ”Our capacity management team consists of ten persons who use the RptCompMeas reports daily to monitor changes that take place in the machine base. Our entire team agrees that the application works very well. The visual reports are used for customer reporting, among other things.”

Logica’s team also finds that continuous monitoring brings cost savings. As an example Paunonen mentions mainframe operating system upgrade, which leads to an increased load. After an upgrade, visual reports indicate immediately when an increase has taken place and what caused it.

”Thanks to continuous monitoring, we can strike at the core of problems quickly. Cases like this come up regularly. Reports help us identify constraints and bottlenecks,” explained Paunonen. Continuing on, he said: ”Being able to eliminate problems without delay allows us to stay effective at all times. Rapid reactions bring cost savings.”

Also the Excel application of RptCompMeas, which makes it easy to process data to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients, receives praise from Paunonen. ”In addition to further use, the images and graphs created by the Excel application are highly illustrative and provide a clear picture of the state of the capacity.”

Customer-Driven Development Efforts

At Logica, CompMeas is acclaimed for its sensitivity to respond to changes. Due to the extensive client-base, capacity level monitoring needs to be varied from time to time. ”In a multi-client environment, flexibility of reporting is of primary importance. Over the years, CompMeas has delivered several different report models and views to us,” said Paunonen.

At CompMeas, clients’ needs form the starting point for product development. Paunonen, too, has put forward suggestions for development and received applications that have emerged from the ideas of other CompMeas customers.

A long-term business relationship between the two companies seems highly likely. ”We have been very satisfied with the solutions offered by CompMeas, so we have not even considered evaluating alternatives. Raimo Korhonen’s expertise in mainframe environments is outstanding. He is an expert at the top of the game. Thanks to his strong competence, we can be sure that the right things are measured,” said Paunonen.

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