Keep Your IT Budget in Control

RptCompMeas reporter was originally developed as an alternative to the traditional, rather cumbersome reporting systems. Right from the beginning, user needs have been the underpinning of the product development efforts, and the actual development work has been carried out with and for the customers.

RptCM is a pliable reporting system capable of adjusting to various reporting needs. In addition to providing greater flexibility of reporting, RptCM also offers other useful features, among them the possibility to predict trends and to anticipate events. The concise but highly informative RptCM reports help companies to:

  • optimize the balance between capacity and performance
  • continuously to find opportunities to save costs
  • see the IBM Mainframe service levels

RptCM produces informative reports on the utilization rate of the machine base automatically on a daily basis. In addition, CompMeas provides its customers with a Rpt2Exc Excel tool to display and view the reports as Excel-charts in an easily digestible form. Moreover, CompMeas offers a method called Tuned History Trend Graphs that shows various trends covering a time span of for example one year.

The pricing model for RptCM is monthly subscription fee, which makes it an attractive and affordable investment. RptCM can be effortlessly integrated into the existing machine base.

RptCM reports reveal

  • Performance settings
  • Sharing of resources between logical machines
  • Target settings
  • Sharing of resources between applications
  • Status of obtained target services
  • Usage and progress of capacity