Optimize Your IBM Mainframe

CompMeas specializes in helping large organizations to proactively balance costs, quality and risks of IBM Mainframe. The multifaced RptCompMeas reporter functions seamlessly in the IBM mainframe environment providing continuous reporting of current state of capacity and performance.

RptCM reporter condenses large quantities of data into clear and concise reports that support capacity optimization and the use of resources, thus creating considerable cost savings opportunities.

RptCM Excel reports can be dynamically modified.

  • Key reports for capacity and performance management
  • All important information condensed into a few pages with the relevant key figures
  • Key figures are presented in the correct order
  • Key reports are ready for spread sheet processing or can be displayed graphically
  • Manual work is not required – batch reports are created automatically over night
  • Using SMF's 7x-records, extracted with MXG (MXG is the product of Merrill Consultants)

Large organizations and companies looking to improve the utilization rate of their machine base and to enhance the clarity of their reporting procedures are typical customers of CompMeas.